I Am

an IT Guy


I started off using a computer on my Mom's lap when I was 4 years old. I was really into the bundled tutorial disk on her Kaypro2.

I currently work for a small community hospital as a network administrator and my boss is the same person who sold my mom that Kaypro2 when I was a kid. The small hospital environment means I wear many different hats. At times I am performing security risk assessments, other times I am patching servers and implementing new clinical information procedures, and often times I am closing helpdesk tickets.

I spend a lot of time developing Web Applications to manage day-2-day IT operations. When I am not at work or writing code I enjoy cooking and baking for my girlfriend or my mother.


Blog articles, recipes, and software projects.

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If you are an internet troll hit my twitter.

Otherwise just call the hospital I work for and ask for me.